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February 2006 – Consider Denial



Iowa Concert Source (ICS):  Who are you and where can people find out more about Consider Denial (Show Dates, Songs, general info)?


Consider Denial (CD): Well… my name is Justin I play guitar for the band and the best way to find out about us is through myspace we have mp3s info show postings its great also we have a self ran website

ICS:  How did the current Consider Denial come to be?  Who makes up the band now?  Line-up Changes?  Where did the name come from?


CD:  Well we still are a fresh band somewhat and we still have our original line up which is me Justin Paulsen and Cody boller on guitar, seth dority on bass, brock dority on drums and jess geirre on vox.  Our bass player seth actually came up with the name and what I really like about it is that it can mean a lot of different things I mean everybody considers denying something on a daily basis denial is innocence kinda.

ICS:  Do you recall the first PAID show that Consider Denial played?  Where was it? How did go?

CD:  I do haha it was just this last summer it was our first show we jumped into
somewhat of an already happening scene well the early stages of one and we played the American legion with some amazing bands and got 20$ but to play with the bands we did was worth playin for free really right place right time sort of thing. Oh and we sucked big ass haha but its been good since

ICS:  What exactly is the goal of the band?

The only reason in my mind to spend time and energy into something as intense as a band which in a sense is a family is to go all the way make a career out of it I don’t mean rolling stones selling out the thunderdome I mean if I don’t have to work anywhere else then I did it.

ICS:   What keeps you busy when not practicing / playing with Consider Denial?

Haha im way normal I work at quiznos subs and well the rest of the time is pretty dull not a ton of stuff to do in good ol’ mason city

ICS:  What other bands can say they’ve been fortunate enough for you to be
part of?

CD:  To be completely honest none I was in a few local cheesedick bands but this is the first real deal band ive ever been in and im loving every second of it.

ICS:  Give us some details on your most memorable show and least memorable

CD:  That’s kind of a loaded question really cause I thought bad show for least
memorable but those are pretty memorable but we played at station 4 in St. Paul Minnesota with Devilinside and Cannae both on abacus records and that was mind-blowing. Big stage professional lighting you name it the least memorable would probably be in Clinton Iowa we drove 4 hours there to play to the other band and not get paid I wish I could forget it.

ICS:  Influences who are they music or non-music?

CD:  My mom haha she’s the shit but musically bands like unearth, as I lay dying,
all that remains and then unsigned amazing bands like, after the burial, estella, glory within.. u should look into those I feel like they are my peers but they make amazing music so its something to shoot for

ICS:  What bands have you been listening to lately both Nationally and Local?

CD:  I have been listening to a lot of unearth and the agony scene actually but locally my hometown boys glory within just released their demo and our Minneapolis boy after the burial are always on rotation

ICS:  What Hard Rock / Heavy Metal act should banished so Consider Denial can rise to take their place?


CD:  One of the thing I like most about being in a band is hanging with other bands its like a brotherhood kinda.  So I dont really wanna take anyones place but Ill try my damndest to make my own place

ICS:  If Consider Denial could open for anybody / anywhere in the world who
would it be and what’s the venue?

CD:  This is kinda messed up but the place that I grew up going to show after show after show was the quest club in minneapolis minnesota and my favorite band in the world is Lamb of god so if we could play with them at the quest that would be it for me

ICS:  Do you have a favorite Eastern Iowa Venue to play at?  Any venue that
you would never play at again?

CD:  We haven’t played there yet but we really want to play the reverb in cedar falls and we have actually gotten alot of emails from people saying we should play there but as far as places I would never go back to I guarantee you will never see a consider denial show at the river city brewing company in Clinton Iowa

ICS:  Have you had the opportunity to open for any significant national
touring acts and if you did how were they to you?  They treat you like
equals or just some punks on the street that were able to sell the most
tickets to get the honor to open for them?

CD:  Yeah we played with Cannae and Devilinside (now called HORROR) and they are
both on abaccus records which is an offshoot of century media and they were both way cool to us all things considered we played like the after party to their show so we actually played right after those two acts and they stuck around and watched us and it was a way cool experience so much love and respect to cannae from Boston and horror from Minneapolis

ICS:  What’s the biggest and smallest crowd you have played in front of?

CD:  We played to about 235 people at the American legion here in mason city and we played to the other band which consisted of 4 dudes in Clinton Iowa so we have seen both sides of the fence.

ICS:  Ever tell a bar owner / promoter to fuck off?

CD:  haha in a way we played in cedar rapids and the band fucked us on money said
some bullshit about how they didn’t pass a bucket around and the bar wouldn’t touch the situation so we left right after our set and as we were leaving jess our singer threw a beer bottle out the window and it broke on the front of their building at the bartenders feet so I think they knew we weren’t pleased haha.

ICS:  What’s the best thing about playing in and around Eastern Iowa?  What’s
the worst?

CD:  I guess how random it is would be the worst thing some big towns have shit scenes and some little towns have amazing scenes and the other way around you never know until you go check it out. the good thing I guess is when you get a good crowd you get a GOOD crowd the kids in Iowa love their metal and if you do it well they always let you know and if you don’t do it well....they let you know then to

ICS:  We ran out of questions so just go ahead and ask yourself a question we
forgot and give it an answer.

CD:  How would one go about booking consider denial?

Funny you should ask that its very easy the best way to get ahold of us is through or or call  us at 641 420 0598

ICS:   Give your band one more plug.  Where can people find out more about you guys?

CD:  myspace is really a brilliant thing and its really the best way to find out about anything about us or anything we have going on. and we are all over this town of ours so if you want to see us there is always a show just around the corner and we have some doozies comin up so keep an eye out.


ICS: Hope everyone enjoyed the second band Interview from the Iowa Concert Source Thanks Justin for taking the time to answer our questions and letting us learn a little bit more about Consider Denial.