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Jason Paulsen – Guitarist


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 Gilby "Muthatruckin" Guns - Guitarist



March 2006 – LyinHeart


We have a great third interview this time around from Daniel Kluiter the drummer from Waterloo based LyinHeart.  LyinHeart has been around since 2002 and has actively been out their playing shows all over eastern Iowa and opening for a lot of big acts.  They had a little Hiatis in mid 2005 with an injury and some line-up changes, but are back strong in 2006 with a lot of shows planned.  So make sure to check out their website and their myspace site that has several songs to listen to.



 Iowa Concert Source (ICS):  Who are you and where can people find out more LyinHeart (Show Dates, Songs, general Info)?


LyinHeart (LH):  We are a rock/metal band from the Waterloo area. We are currently working on new material for our next CD but we do have a couple shows set up, April 1st at a new Cedar Rapids club called 'Emerald City' and April 29th at The Reverb in Cedar Falls. I also just got word that we will LIKELY be doing some shows with the Black Mollys in March in the Cedar Valley area. Everyone should check out our websites www.lyinheart.com & www.myspace.com/lyinheart.


ICS:  How did the current LyinHeart come to be?  Who makes up the band now?  Line-up Changes? Where did the name come from?


LH:  HAHA.....I'll try and make this brief but be ready for a frickin book! We have Ted Smalley on lead vocals/keyboards, myself (Daniel Kluiter) on drums, my brother Brandon Kluiter on guitar and Brent Drahn on bass. Ted and myself have been here the whole way since we put this band together in December 2002. Brandon is our original guitarist but left the band in the fall of 2004 and then rejoined in September 2005. Brent is the FNG and he joined in September 2005 as well. We had some line-up issues during '05 and Ted and I just put a stop to it and regrouped with Brandon and then we got Brent and it's been great ever since. It's the best chemistry we've had as a whole and it's showing in the new music. There's no backstabbing and everyone gets along great. The name LyinHeart comes from a "liar" that we dealt with a few years back. Ted and I played in a band with this guy who literally stole a bunch of songs from other artists and made us believe that he wrote them. But he eventfully got caught. It's a fuckin crazy story. He basically wasted several years of our lives. He committed the biggest crime a musician can ever commit. It's something that ya think about pretty much every day......about how badly we got screwed over and lied to constantly. When you're die-hard about music and your own career......something like that really burns ya. So that's where our name stems from.



LyinHeart - 2006

Brandon Kluiter (guitar), Ted Smalley (vocals / keyboards, Daniel Kluiter(Drums) and Brent Drahn (bass)



ICS:  Do you recall the first PAID show that LyinHeart played?  Where was it?  How did it go?


LH:  Our we supposed to make money doing this?? LOL....our first show was a benefit. I believe our first actual payed show was in Charles City and yeah, it was pretty lousy!!!!


ICS:  What exactly is the goal of the band?


LH:  The long-term goal is of course to get a record deal and tour. It's a lot of work though. We just wanna write and perform our music in front of as many people as possible. We are actually currently signed to an agency but they have done NOTHING for us yet. It's frustrating cuz they could be doing SO MUCH if they put the effort into it. For right now, we will mainly be playing shows in the Cedar Valley area and writing new music for our next album.


ICS:  What keeps you busy when not practicing / playing with LyinHeart


LH:  Wives and girlfriends, haha. We have our hobbies though.....mine usually has music involved somewhere. I'm a big fan of concert videos and music videos. VH1 Classic rules and I draw a lot of inspiration from those things. Brandon is into motorcycles and cars, Ted is usually doing his dj thing at Sapphire's Gentlemen's Club in Waterloo and Brent......well I honestly don't know what Brent all does! What do you expect, he's the FNG. We'll spy on him one of these days......


Brandon – The Return Show @

The Reveb

Ted – The Return Show @

The Reveb



ICS:  What other bands can say they’ve been fortunate enough for you to be part of?


LH:  I've been in a few other bands......Eve's Method, CellBlock 12 & another band that shall remain nameless due to the "liar" we dealt with, Ted's been in a million bands.....Litterer Band, Strait Jackit, Madd Jack, to name a few, Brandon was in Eve's Method with me, and Brent was in Silver Tears back in the 90s.


ICS:  Give us some details on your most memorable show and least memorable show?


LH:  Most memorable would be opening for Vince Neil, Warrant and other artists from that era. Just meeting all the people we got to play in front of at those shows and seeing them out there digging our music. Watching people sing the words back to us has always been a high for me. Seeing people wearing our tshirts, signing boobies, haha.....you know how it goes. Least memorable.....playing in front of three people, the sound guy and the two people working the bar at a LaCrosse gig. Couldn't wait for that night to get over with!


ICS:  Influences who are they music or non-music?


LH:  Tommy Lee would be the main one for me. Motley is my favorite band so I love all those guys. I'm more of a 'band' guy......I don't really focus all my attention on the drummer. I love good songs and big shows. Nuttin' better then Arena Rock, baby.


IC:  What bands have you been listening to lately both Nationally and Local?


LH:  I'm really loving Avenged Sevenfold's new disc, a new band from Sweden called Crashdiet (although their singer recently killed himself, no shit), Velvet Revolver & of course the usual dose of 80s metal. I don't really listen to local bands much but we are friends with quite a few. We do play a lot of shows with Project Sock Monkey and Superholic and we hook up with the Black Mollys when they come around.


Daniel – The Return Show @

The Reveb

Brent – The Return Show @

The Reverb



ICS:  What hard rock / metal act should be banished so that Lyin Heart can rise to take their place?


LH:  Limp Bizquick...or Bizkit....whatever they are. Wait, they already have banished. We should be set then!


ICS:  If LyinHeart could open for anybody / anywhere in the world who would it be and what’s the venue?


LH:  WOW.....I can think of all kinds of bands that we'd love to open for. I'd have to give it to the Stones or Aerosmith though cuz they are and always have been the real deal. They always have and forever will sell out arenas. Pretty much all bands dream of having the career that those bands have had. They are what everyone looks up to. They are the rock Gods, the icons. I'd say one of those bands in................Madison Square Garden! Can't leave out AC/DC or KISS or OZZY.......they are right up there also


ICS:  Do you have a favorite Eastern Iowa Venue to play at? Any venue that you would never play at again?


LH:  I think my favorite is The Reverb in Cedar Falls. We play there on a more regular basis than anywhere else and Cody is a great guy to work with. 3rd Street Live & Lets Dance have been great as well. I love playing anywhere though. If the fans are there then it doesn't really matter where it's at. The result is the same. Can't say there is really a place we wouldn't play again......plus I don't wanna burn any bridges!



LyinHeart – Return Show @

The Reverb



ICS:  We know you’ve had the opportunity to open for both Jani Lane at Lets Dance in Cedar Rapids and Bret Michaels at 3rd Street Live in Cedar Rapids as we caught you guys both times and loved the show.  You have any interesting stories about either Jani Lane (how wasted was he?) or Bret (did you touch his wig?)  Any other national acts were missing and did they treat you guys good?


LH:  Jani was actually really cool. We played with Warrant too at 3rd Street Live when Jani was still in the band. Both shows he came out to hang with the fans up by the bar. He actually wasn't wasted either time and was real down to earth. Gotta give him props for that. We didn't get to even meet Bret!!! So that sucked. We didn't get to meet Vince Neil either when we opened for him. We did meet Kevin DuBrow however when we did a couple shows with him and Jani. We watched him do his soundcheck. He was a cool guy. I'm glad to see him touring with Quiet Riot though......get the damn Cavazo/Sarzo shit back and quit messing around with all these other dudes that are not the real Quiet Riot. That's the only problem I have with that.


ICS:  What’s the biggest and smallest crowd you have played in front of?


LH:  Biggest....I believe the Vince Neil show had 900 or more. 3rd Street Live was packed when we opened for Warrant too. Smallest....see question 7.


Brandon and Daniel Kluiter – The Return Show @

The Reveb



ICS:   Ever tell a bar owner / promoter to fuck off?


LH:  Not that I recall.....thought about it though!


ICS:  What’s the best thing about playing in and around Eastern Iowa? What’s the worst?


LH:  There's some really cool venues around here. And our fans are here. That's what makes it count. The worst is the fact that there is less of a chance to find any A&R guys roaming around. We are in the middle of all the big midwest cities though so our time will come once we hit those cities.


ICS:  How long did it take Ted to first drink all the Crown Royal and then make his Crown Royal shorts?


LH:  LOL!!! I think he stole all those Crown Royal bags from the titty bar and then he would sit on my sofa and sew them together. It was interesting, lemme tell ya..........but what do you expect with Ted? It's never normal.


ICS:  We ran out of questions so just go ahead and ask yourself a couple of questions we may have forgot and give it an answer.


LH:  hmmmm......ya got me here. This would be a good one for Ted! People should know however that we have an album out called "Good-Twisted-American-Fun" and you can purchase it at our website and we will have a new one soon......it's gonna be excellent.


ICS:    Give your band one more plug. Where can people find out more about you guys?

LH:  Check us out www.lyinheart.com & www.myspace.com/lyinheart

Thanx for the interview and the support.....you guys are great!!!



ICS:  Thanks to Daniel for the interview and the great pictures to go along with it.  LyinHeart is quickly becoming one of our favorites here in Eastern Iowa as they always put on a great show.  Make sure to check out their Myspace Site and listen to the song “Hate You”  one of our favorites.


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