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Sorry, but pictures had to be deleted from archived interviews to accommodate the limited space that tripod provides. 


February 2005 – Skintight


Our first interview victim is Skintight out of Milan, Illinois.  They formed in 2001 and opened up for a couple of 80s acts Quiet Riot and Warrant.  Went through some personnel changes and are back with shows all over Eastern Iowa and Western Illinois.  So here’s are first interview…enjoy.


Iowa Concert Source (ICS):  So who are you and where can people find out more about Skintight (Show Dates, Songs, general info)?


Skintight (ST):  NEXT SHOW IS Feb 4th at The Rocket Theater in Rock Island, Illinois. Obviously we have a myspace page

ICS: How did the current Skintight come to be?


ST:  We sat around a fire and decided that Kumby-ya would no longer be the only song we played.


ICS:  Who makes up the band now?


ST:  Lets see ya got...Heavy Metal Detl on the bass. The Sleazy Bastard Anthony Dixon on Guitar. THe guy who wears more make up than Rupaul Vikki Rockett on Drums and me Gilby "Muthatruckin" Guns on Lead Guitar and i attempt to do lead vocals as well. (see vince neil)


ICS:  Line-up Changes?

ST:  Hell, who doesnt have these.


ICS:  Where did the name come from?


ST:  A late night in a porn shop with midgets and jello and a blow up doll named cerissa.

ICS:  Do you recall the first PAID show that Skintight played?


ST: Paid show was at Lumpys in Davenport back in 04


ICS:  Where was it?


ST:  See previous answer.


ICS:  How did go?


ST: Well back then.......probably not so good.

ICS:  What exactly is the goal of the band?


ST:  To make your pants moist as we run around stage and create this debauchary that we call Rock and Roll.


ICS:   What keeps you busy when not practicing / playing with Skintight ?


ST:  Long Walks on the beach, Expressos, AA meetings and Porn.

ICS:  What other bands can say they’ve been fortunate enough for you to be part of?


ST:  i said fortunate.....nevermind next question.

ICS:   Give us some details on your most memorable show and least memorable show?


ST:  Most memorable is having 1500 people singing alont to the song youre playing at THird Street Live in Cedar Rapids. Least Memorable show was probably in Muscatine, Ia when i blew out my vocals and every damn solo i played was in the wrong key. See boys and girls alcohol and rock DONT mix!

ICS:  Influences who are they music or non-music?


ST: LA FUCKIN GUNS, Buckcherry, Guns and Roses and The pope. SOmetimes Anna Nicole Smith. THANKS TRIMSPA!

ICS:  What bands have you been listening to lately both Nationally and Local?


ST:  New Buckcherry SMokes. THe new La guns kicks my balls in. (tracii who?) The wildhearts and a little Jimmy Buffett as well.


ICS:   What Hard Rock / Heavy Metal act should banished so Skintight can rise to take their place?


ST:  All these 80s has been rockers that dont deserve the stage in which they stand. OH OH OH or all the bands that only have the original singer yet say its the REAL band. GET A CLUE!

ICS:   If Skintight could open for anybody / anywhere in the world who would it be and what’s the venue?


ST:  Motley Crue at Wembley Stadium or Gordon Lightfoot in your living room with a bag of dorittos and a   6 pack of o'douls!

ICS:   Do you have a favorite Eastern Iowa Venue to play at?


ST:  No.


ICS:  Any venue that you would never play at again?


ST:  THe Arena in Dubuque. Can you say hookers and flooded toliets?

ICS:  Have you had the opportunity to open for any significant national touring acts and if you did how were they to you?


ST:  We have opened for a lot of the "has beens" The coolest was Jani Lane by far. Real down to earth guy. Maybe cause he was drunk? the stupidest was Debrow. Drama Queen and tight pants.


ICS:  They treat you like equals or just some punks on the street that were able to sell the most tickets to get the honor to open for them?


ST:  Punks by far. Only because we arent 45 years old and struggling to say "hey im something"

ICS:  What’s the biggest and smallest crowd you have played in front of?


ST:  biggest was 1500......smallest was probably with ourselves. Wait....does playing with ourselves count?

ICS:   Ever tell a bar owner / promoter to fuck off?


ST:  Who hasnt. Theory.....If you own a bar or club you are fucked up from the get go. Therefore you deserve to get told fuck off. Especially the permed hair ones.


ICS:  What’s the best thing about playing in and around Eastern Iowa?


ST:  Do i have to answer this


ICS:  What’s the worst thing about playing in and around Eastern Iowa?


ST:  Over populated metal bands!

ICS:  We ran out of questions so just go ahead and ask yourself a question we forgot and give it an answer.


ST:  If you had a chose between kicking axl rose in the nuts or giving a girl from the donnas some anal action which would it be? the answer C?

ICS:  Give your band one more plug. Where can people find out more about you guys?


ST:  Visit our myspace. We'd love you all to rock it with us and help us create debauchary and show these emo kids that "hey its not all your parents fault"


ICS: Well there was our first interview, hope you enjoyed it Skintight, but some effort out there and answered the questions.  Remember Skintight’s next show will be at on February 4, 2006 at the Rocket Theatre (224 19th Street, Rock Island, IL)  with The Afterdarks, The One Night Standars and Brains, Brains, Brains.